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About ME

Jessica Schneider, owner and creator of Weighealthy, is a professional coach and educator, specializing in nutritional counseling, addiction support, and anti-aging.

Jessica received her undergraduate degree in the natural sciences, completed a three year degree in Herbal Medicine at The Chicago College of Healing Arts, and earned her Nutritional Health Coaching Certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition She has also earned her certificate in “The Psychology of Eating”, and obtained her Addiction Certification from Palm Beach State College. She is currently completing her psychology degree. Throughout her studies, Jessica has had the rare opportunity to learn from such leaders in the field of nutrition and integrative medicine as Andrew Weil, MD, Deepak Chopra, MD, Annemarie Colbin, PhD, Althea Orr, and Elson Hass, MD.

Jessica’s involvement in nutrition began when her own health and wellbeing was compromised. She struggled with her weight, addiction, and depression. Taking her health in her own hands, Jessica began studying nutrition, herbal medicine, and the causes of depression and addiction. Her personal journey to recovery sparked her desire and passion to help others achieve optimal health. Jessica has counseled and mentored people for 15 years with her past company Nourished4Life through the range of obstacles and challenges to good mental and physical health. She will work with you to achieve your unique needs and will assist and educate you on nutrition, anti-aging, and addiction.

Jessica has created Weighealthy to help transform live of clients in need of making healthy lifestyle changes. These transitions are not only physical but also emotional. She will guide and help you to achieve your fullest potential within all areas of your life. Her continuing studies, research, and publications keep her on the forefront of the health industry.

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